Braley Brangus

To God be the glory!

Braley Brangus - To God be the glory!

Spanish Mastiffs

Due to family circumstances, needing to sell our two year old female Spanish Mastiff. Her name is Dixie, and she is very sweet and loving. She is a registered female. She has only ever shown aggression towards other dogs eating out of her bowl. Please contact me if interested in owning this wonderful dog. The price will be $1200.

In the spring of 2015 we were having problems with dogs harassing our cow/calf pairs. Although Brangus are very strong maternal cattle, this situation initiated the search for a Livestock Guardian Dog(LGD). We wanted a good LGD who would also be a good companion for the family. After much research, we decided that we would purchase a Spanish Mastiff(SM). Little did we know about what a big undertaking this was. I read much about LGDs and SMs, and also talked to breeders from around the country. I was warned that they are very independent animals, and a challenge to train correctly. While there were some trying times, we have decided that it was worth it. Dixie is an attentive, loving dog(yet still stubborn from time to time).

Meet Fall Creek Nora(Dixie)

Apr 22, 2017


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